Do you have lots of moss growing on your roof and wonder if you should get it removed?

The quick answer to that question is YES!

Moss can look nice growing on your roof, but it can actually cause structural damage if left to just sit there. Dark, damp atmospheres cause moss and algae to get comfortable and multiply at a great rate, retaining moisture allowing fungus and mould to grow. The bacteria will then feed on your roof tiles causing breakages and worse still, leaks.

Having your roof thoroughly cleaned and freed of the moss is the only way to eradicate this problem.

But do not try to do this job yourself. It may look like an easy and quick job to do but at Unity Roofing Ltd we have the specialist machinery and tools to discard of moss quickly and professionally without making further damage to your roof.

Once the moss has been successfully removed by our team, we will give your roof a good clean and apply preventative measures to stop the moss from growing back.

Your property will have increased kerb appeal once the moss has been removed especially good if you are about to put your property on the market to sell. Potential buyers will not be charmed by your property if there is lots of moss sitting on the roof, they will know that there may be expensive repair bills attached.

Our moss removal service is fully guaranteed, and we offer competitive quotations for all enquiries.

We carry out general roof cleaning too so give our family team a call today at Unity Roofing Ltd on either Essex 01245 898422 or London 020 8226 6552 , we are waiting for your call.

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